Version 7.13
Date: 10-06-2024 15:35
Viso Light Inspector 7.13.msi
EPREL: Added compliance contact field to EPREL export to be up to date with latest requirements as well fixing some bugs with the XML export.

Version 7.12
Date: 28-05-2024 12:33
Viso Light Inspector 7.12.msi
Bug fix: Custom calibration can fail because of missing WaveLin, has now been fixed.

Version 7.11
Date: 27-05-2024 12:02
Viso Light Inspector 7.11.msi
Duv now with 5 decimals and CIE x,y,u,v with 4 decimals for csv export.

Version 7.10
Date: 24-05-2024 10:00
Viso Light Inspector 7.10.msi
Added values Duv, DPF, CIEu, CIEv and THD for voltage and current to cvs. Report designer now also supports DOCX instead of only RTF.

Version 7.09
Date: 30-04-2024 09:44
Viso Light Inspector 7.09.msi
New report keywords WU_INT and WU_END_SEC to get intensity values for warmup period. It is now possible to append serial number to measurement name. Measurement is now rotated around the zero-degree axis when combining two measurements. Added support for external dc power supply KORAD KA6005P.

Version 7.08
Date: 23-04-2024 16:17
Viso Light Inspector 7.08.msi
New option in custom warmup option, it is now possible choose the measurement to start when out has reached a certain percentage of the peak value. Voltage and current selection when using sensor sync with LabAnalyzer is now stored so the last chosen value is always reloaded by default. Bug fix: When starting spectrometer in sensor sync mode could sometimes fail this has now been fixed.

Version 7.07
Date: 19-04-2024 15:41
Viso Light Inspector 7.07.msi
If external DC supply or power analyzer is selected will this now automatically be reconnected when restarting the software. Added RINT keyword which returns uncorrected measurement intensities without 0 and 180 degree values being identical. Bug fix: Help->Calibration Information did sometimes not show the date of the power calibration, this has now been fixed. Bug fix to measurement tracking, when a measurement was redone due to narrow beam angle could result in the measurement tracking failing, this has now been fixed.

Version 7.06
Date: 12-04-2024 16:16
Viso Light Inspector 7.06.msi
Improved search of measurements, flicker window now asks if you want to save measurement when closing and added the option to export files in the IES TM33-18 standard.

Version 7.03
Date: 22-03-2024 10:38
Viso Light Inspector 7.03.msi
Bug fix: When having a Trademark Reference in EPREL export which contain numbers could give in appropriate OPERATION_ID’s, this has now been fixed.

Version 7.02
Date: 23-02-2024 08:54
Viso Light Inspector 7.02.msi
Bug fix: Uploading of calibrations or firmware could fail due to too much latency between the USB data packages, this has now been fixed.

Version 7.01
Date: 08-02-2024 05:44
Viso Light Inspector 7.01.msi
It is now possible to set your own cie1931 centre point for SDCM Mac Adam ellipse by going into Edit->Photometric select Modify and click the ‘Advanced’ label. Bug fix to measurement tracking, sometimes when server list is not stored correctly measurement tracking could fail, this has now been fixed.

Version 7.00
Date: 25-01-2024 16:54
Viso Light Inspector 7.00.msi
Improved usb communication with new firmware for mainboard. Supports USBTMC for B&K Precision power analyzer. Bug fix to LabFlicker dropout, and errors when saving when device was not connected. Bug fix to align lamp on LightSpion always showing. Fix to spectrometer not loading on LightSpion. Bug fix if spectrum regions was different than PAR400-700nm was not used in PPF keywords, this has now been fixed. All Eprel spectrum images are now automatically being smoothened, to ensure nice look in Eprel spectrum image. Bug fix to LabPower and LabAnalyzer did not load power curves if warmup was skipped, this has now been fixed. Bug fix when measuring flashing lamps using sensor sync with LabAnalyzer power values would not be displayed, this has now been fixed. Improvement stability of measurement of flash curve when using sensor sync with LabAnalyzer. Bug fix to strobe pulse times when using sensor sync to measure flashing lamps using report keywords has been fixed. When generating custom reports temporary files could be blocked by windows security, temporary files are now saved under My Documents\Viso Light Inspector\Settings\Temp. Bug fix to connecting to sensor via LabRail. Bug fix: Model2 sensor would not turn on laser during LabRail calibration, this has now been fixed. LabRail calibration procedure improvement, it is now easier to move the sensor when checking sensor laser alignment. Bug fix saving sensor calibration when sensor was connected via LabRail would fail, this has now been fixed. Laser power now always on, to ensure stability every time distance is measured, in earlier version was power to the laser turned off after each distance measurement as a small glow from the laser could appear, the laser now only turns off when spectrometer is running. Warning will show if measurement selected while measurement in progress, instead of stopping an ongoing measurement. Support new LightSpion sensor board. Improved integration time flicker test when setting averaging count for spectrometer and the process can also now be ignored in case of measuring lamps with higher variation in intensity which can make the process continue endlessly to find an optimal integration time and averaging count. Bug fix to S025 test procedure. Bug fix as color vs angle keyword {CIEx0-0} would fail for measurement made in 1 degree steps, this has now been fixed. Calibration version 4 improved accuracy when making custom calibration, in earlier version could custom calibration be 0.5% off as spectrometer CCD linearisation was not take into consideration when calculating complete intensity gain and calibration therefore had to be adjusted slightly afterwards.

Version 6.99.2
Date: 22-12-2023 15:47
Viso Light Inspector 6.99.2.msi
Bug fix: Online measurement tracking could some time post multiple measurements, this has now been fixed. LightSpion warning of aligning lamp kept comming up, this is now fixed.

Version 6.99.1
Date: 22-09-2023 15:41
Viso Light Inspector 6.99.1.msi
Bug fix: Issue using rtf templates on Japanese Windows fixed

Version 6.99
Date: 20-09-2023 18:01
Viso Light Inspector 6.99.msi
Bug fix: When selecting ‘Manual c-plane’ in Setup->Options would the software not stop and ask the user to rotate the lamp manually, this has now been fixed.

Version 6.98
Date: 14-09-2023 16:58
Viso Light Inspector 6.98.msi
Bug fix: Degree symbol removed from half-illuminance angle keywords, which caused an error when editing template reports on non-English code page windows (e.g., Japanese)

Version 6.97
Date: 14-09-2023 09:13
Viso Light Inspector 6.97.msi
It is now possible to include table values such as UGR in custom excel templates. Iso illuminance plot changes: Mounting height and plot dimensions set in alt text are now in the selected unit (metric/imperial). E.g. with "SETPLOTDIMFOOT" set in alt text, a "MOUNTHEIGHT" of 3, will be 3 ft. Bug fix: The new power measurement functionality introduced in version 6.95 had a bug resulting in power values not being loaded into custom reports and could also result in power curves being inverted, this has now been fixed.

Version 6.95
Date: 08-09-2023 16:43
Viso Light Inspector 6.95.msi
Modifying power values in Edit->Power no longer removes the original power curve, but instead scales it to the manually set value. It is also possible to select if power should be DC or AC. If you shift an AC power measurement to DC will the original power curve remain in the fixtures and will reappear if you choose to set it back to AC again. Bug fix: Using multiple external power supplies and/or analyzer devices could confuse the software to choose which device to use for power control and from which device power was saved, this has now been fixed. Bug fix: Isolux plot legend also fixed.

Version 6.94
Date: 09-08-2023 16:41
Viso Light Inspector 6.94.msi
It is now possible to use actual excel files as templates when making custom exports under File->Export->Excel->Custom. This makes it possible to have graphs and other excel items included in your template. Bug fixes: Measurement profiles are now saved under documents to prevent access folder violations. Labarazzi percent flicker rounding error, has now been fixed. The click focus in the search field could sometimes be lost during a search has now been fixed.

Version 6.93
Date: 07-08-2023 18:21
Viso Light Inspector 6.93.msi
Custom CSV can now also be saved as Excel under File->Excel->Custom using the same CSV templates, saving as Excel ensures all values are saved as real number values instead of text. Dimensions keywords added in feet WIDTH_FT, LENGTH_FT and HEIGHT_FT. Using keywords to get CCT, CIEx, CIEu etc. for specific angles using a keyword like {CCT90-25} (gets the CCT value at c-plane 90 degree and measurement angle 25 degree), is now fully interpolating between all measurement c-planes and measurement points. Bug fix: When running a measurement power reading could fail, this has now been fixed. Curves with missing data would make the curve display fail and shows a red cross instead, this has now been fixed.

Version 6.92
Date: 05-07-2023 15:23
Viso Light Inspector 6.92.msi
Bug fixes: LabFlicker did sometimes not finish measurements and could sometimes response at button push in an irregular manner, this has now been fixed. Measurement tracking has been updated to use more stable server communications. Previous fix to sensor sync in version 6.91 included a bug which prevented power measurements to work at measurement start, this has now been fixed.

Version 6.91
Date: 04-07-2023 12:20
Viso Light Inspector 6.91.msi
ANSI Mac Adam steps added as report keyword. Bug fix: The keyword {CIEvMark} would report the same value as {CIEuMark}, has now been fixed. When using sensor sync with LabAnalyzer would fail in latest versions reporting sync missed, this has now been fixed.

Version 6.90
Date: 27-06-2023 13:27
Viso Light Inspector 6.90.msi
Bug fix: The selection of external power supply or analyzer would disappear, has now been fixed.

Version 6.89
Date: 23-06-2023 17:31
Viso Light Inspector 6.89.msi
Bug fix: When trying to measure power could make software fail. This has now been fixed. Office interop updated from version 14 to version 15, Office interop is used when creating custom reports.

Version 6.88
Date: 20-06-2023 16:33
Viso Light Inspector 6.88.msi
New color over angle view in Measurement->Measurement planes allows you see each measurement plane in a linear view with CCT and Delta UV. Bug fix, when trying save a measurement containing a LabPower power measurement using the building power analyzer the power details fails to be saved. This has now been fixed.

Version 6.87
Date: 13-06-2023 14:02
Viso Light Inspector 6.87.msi
It is now possible to make manual angle corrections to a measurement. Being able to make manual angle correction can be necessary in special situation where a lamp has a very narrow beam pointing sideways where the automatic angle correction is not able to determine the correct correction. Manual correction can be done by going into Edit->Photometric->Corrections and the click on the blue label ‘Advanced options’ and select ‘Manual angle correction’ from the drop-down menu, a slider together with the iso candela plot makes it easy to adjust for optimal distribution.

Version 6.86
Date: 06-06-2023 16:21
Viso Light Inspector 6.86.msi
Bug fixes: When measuring very intensity fixtures producing more than 2 Mega candelas would make the square polar report diagram freeze during export, furthermore might the integration time not be set correctly at very high intensities resulting in a partly over saturated spectrum, this has now been fixed. Using multiple USB hubs could in some rare cases get the system to freeze when spectrometer is running as some data could be lost, this has now been fixed so sensor re-aligns with data and continues. USB driver updated. When overriding power values which was measured with LabPower did not work, this has now been fixed. New measurement process added for compliance with future products. If you do not have any of the issues above, do we recommend waiting with updating until it has been fully tested.

Version 6.85
Date: 30-05-2023 10:28
Viso Light Inspector 6.85.msi
Bug fix: Power window in main window was not updated when selecting a new measurement, this has now been fixed.

Version 6.84
Date: 24-05-2023 16:35
Viso Light Inspector 6.84.msi
Added Half-peak Illuminance Angle (Color Quality -> Iso-lux and as keyword), and added Melanopic Action Factor (Color Quality -> M-EDI and as report keyword). Bug fixes for LabPower and LabAnalyzer: DPF (displacement factor) would show the same as PF (power factor), power values could also be loaded incorrectly giving inconsistent values. It is also recommended to update the firmware of LabPower and LabAnalyzer to version 1.28 by clicking on the Help->LabPower/LabAnalyzer menu.

Version 6.83
Date: 01-05-2023 16:03
Viso Light Inspector 6.83.msi
Added support for AC power in sensor sync mode with LabAnalyzer when measuring flashing lamps. Bug fix: In rare cases can an empty error message appear by mistake, this has now been fixed.

Version 6.82
Date: 18-04-2023 15:18
Viso Light Inspector 6.82.msi
Added report keywords for getting burst flash pulses periods times when measuring flashing lamps using the LabAnalyzer. The installation no longer requires .net framework 3.5. Interface.dll updated to .net framework 4.7.2. Minor fixes to message window.

Version 6.81
Date: 31-03-2023 15:21
Viso Light Inspector 6.81.msi
Bug fixes: Option could fail to open due to serial file protection solved, serial file have now been moved to documents folder under Viso Systems->Light Inspector->Settings. Eprel could generate empty ENGERGY_LABEL in xml has now been fixed. Sensor could in some rare cases fail to connect show load power error, has now been fixed. Updated server listing for measurement tracking.

Version 6.80
Date: 29-03-2023 18:57
Viso Light Inspector 6.80.msi
Improved layout if the CRI/Isolux window. Added TLCI Qa keyword to custom reporting. Fix to Eprel: New EU update of xml format in MODEL_VERSION->ENERGY_LABEL->USE_SUPPLIER_UPLOADED_LABEL element has been updated with default value being 'false' making the Eprel server automatically generating label. Bug fix to USB device connection and loading of power details has been made.

Version 6.79
Date: 24-03-2023 17:02
Viso Light Inspector 6.79.msi
Bug fix for Melanopic EDI calculation. Find this under View->CRI->Melanopic EDI. New Labarazzi firmware added for better linearization. New optional LabSensor firmware with improvements to display and better control of laser distance measurement.

Version 6.78
Date: 20-03-2023 16:28
Viso Light Inspector 6.78.msi
Added Melanopic EDI to photometric calculations in View->CRI->Melanopic EDI. Bug fix: The auto c-plane detection would fail at during measurement start, this has now been fixed.

Version 6.77 (Release)
Date: 20-02-2023 10:50
Viso Light Inspector 6.77.msi
Added power keywords to flash measurement to read power and peak values {FLASH_PERIOD_PWR}, {FLASH_CUR_PEAK} and {FLASH_PWR_PEAK}. Bug fix: When moving the mouse over the main window would bring it into focus even if not clicked, this has now been fixed. Measurement halted warning could show up by mistake, this has now been fixed.

Version 6.76
Date: 03-02-2023 15:08
Viso Light Inspector 6.76.msi
Now supports the LabAnalyzer and sensor sync mode for measuring flashing lamps. Added keywords to reporting {INTTIME}, {FLASH_PERIOD} and {FLASH_TIME} spectrometer integration time can be included in report and calculations. Bug fix: When exporting report with could crash or show “document locked for editing”, has been fixed. Laser on LabSensor Model 2 can have a small glow due to a leak current, has now been fixed.

Version 6.71
Date: 01-12-2022 15:58
Viso Light Inspector 6.71.msi
Isolux plot axis now support sizes in feet. Spectrometer saturation label now shows in green when being auto adjusted. Bug fix in Eprel export: When changing the MAINS option to MLS or NMLS was the energy class not updated automatically, this has now been fixed.

Version 6.70
Date: 28-11-2022 14:01
Viso Light Inspector 6.70.msi
Iso-lux and Iso-candela plots improved to more accurately show complex light distributions. Please check the post ‘Time to update your PDF templates’ on the news section of our webpage for more details. New editable advanced template using new iso plots added. Added support for LabPower. Bug fix: When using model 2 sensor with LabRail, the distance offset of about 4 cm was not loaded correctly.

Version 6.69
Date: 20-10-2022 09:53
Viso Light Inspector 6.69.msi
Bug fixes: “Save graphics” issue fixed, IsoLux plot mirrored issue fixed, LabTemp internal probe graphics error fixed, microjoule/cm2 dose unit added, flicker import window now cancellable

Version 6.68
Date: 15-09-2022 11:52
Viso Light Inspector 6.68.msi
Bug fix for LabRail: Sensor using certain laser type would fail during LabRail setup, this has now been fixed.

Version 6.67
Date: 13-09-2022 15:25
Viso Light Inspector 6.67.msi
And issue with LabRail distance detection has been fixed. LabRail used with certain version of the LabSensor would give an incorrect distance offset of 11.6cm. To check for this incorrect distance offset please before updating to this version click on the measure distance button on the sensor and check if the distance matches the previous distance from the LabRail.

Version 6.66
Date: 08-07-2022 12:41
Viso Light Inspector 6.66.msi
Bug fix: When typing in manual power values power factor would not be stored, this has now been fixed. Power values from AC power supply GW Instek APS-7100E would not be stored probably including real measured power, this has now been fixed.

Version 6.65
Date: 05-07-2022 15:49
Viso Light Inspector 6.65.msi
Bug fix: Measurement would get stuck if spectrometer over saturated during lamp symmetry detection when using the automatic c-plane detection, this has now been fixed.

Version 6.64
Date: 30-06-2022 15:05
Viso Light Inspector 6.64.msi
Legend (curve labels) added to exported temperature curve in PDF. Special advanced option added in Edit->Photometric->Measurement->(Click: 'Spectra filtering label' in the 'Spectral Region' window) making it possible to include negative spectra values in all calculation. This ensures that intensity sums calculated from noise spectra will be close to zero as both positive and negative noise levels as summed together.

Version 6.63
Date: 17-06-2022 21:05
Viso Light Inspector 6.63.msi
Bug fixes: UGR values for round spot type fixtures with luminous height larger than zero could give too high UGR values, this has now been fixed. Please note when selecting fixture as bulb type the UGR values calculated in third party software might give higher values as they will still be calculated as a round spot type fixture with a luminous height of zero. Labarazzi could have problem connecting to the software if a light measurement device was not connected at the same time, this has now been fixed.

Version 6.62
Date: 23-05-2022 16:12
Viso Light Inspector 6.62.msi
Support for LabTarget with LabSpion and BaseSpion. Small bug in table measurement fixed.

Version 6.61
Date: 16-05-2022 14:39
Viso Light Inspector 6.61.msi
3 New 2022 PDF fixed reports. Standard 2022, Advanced 2022 and Flicker 2022 has been added to fixed PDF reports templates. IEEE 1789 flicker graph has been added template toolbox. Improvements: Report keywords can now be used in table measurements, wait before measuring point(s) now works in table measurements. Secure HTTPS is now used in smartphone QR code image linking making sure it will pass any firewall.

Version 6.60
Date: 09-05-2022 14:33
Viso Light Inspector 6.60.msi
Improvement: It is now possible to use keywords like {PWR} in table measurements making it easier to make a comprehensive table measurement report. Bug fix: Using external Manson power supplies was not recognized correctly, this has now been fixed. JA8 flicker metrics could show values higher than 100%, this has now been fixed. Labarazzi editor could freeze if opened while light measurement device was connected, this has now been fixed.

Version 6.59
Date: 28-04-2022 13:39
Viso Light Inspector 6.59.msi
Bug fix: x,y color coordinates could differ slightly for single wavelength colored LED’s as minute negative spectral values was included in the color calculation, this has now been fixed. This fix can also be applied to already made measurement by typing the keyword 'COLORRECALC' but would for nearly all measurement have none to little effect.

Version 6.58
Date: 28-03-2022 11:30
Viso Light Inspector 6.58.msi
Support added for TTI MX100TP DC power supply connected to the software via USB, only channel 1 is supported. It is now possible to turn on and off the LabSensor laser via the software under Measurement->Laser

Version 6.57
Date: 25-03-2022 07:44
Viso Light Inspector 6.57.msi
Bug fix: When opening measurement from network drives or other location where the user does not have full permissions could result in an empty measurement being loaded, this has now been fixed. CRI is now included without decimals in LDT files to make sure it shows up in all LDT editors.

Version 6.56
Date: 15-03-2022 20:14
Viso Light Inspector 6.56.msi
Bug fix: The y value in the color coordinates x, y in the Eprel xml was not filled correctly, this has now been fixed.

Version 6.55
Date: 11-03-2022 21:20
Viso Light Inspector 6.55.msi
Bug fix: Saving flicker measurement could sometimes not save completely or override previous measurement, this should now have been fixed.

Version 6.54
Date: 08-03-2022 14:29
Viso Light Inspector 6.54.msi
Bug fix: Setting DIMMABLE to SPECIFIC (Only with specific dimmers) when exporting to Eprel would make the Eprel file invalid, this has now been fixed.

Version 6.53
Date: 04-03-2022 19:53
Viso Light Inspector 6.53.msi
When exporting to Eprel the software will now automatically try to warn you if any of your parameters are not compliant with EU regulations.

Version 6.52
Date: 28-02-2022 17:03
Viso Light Inspector 6.52.msi
A popup window will now be shown at measurement start if a measurement profile is selected or automatic lamp off is selected making it clear which special options are selected. Improved connection to LabSensor and LabRail have been added including new firmware version 2.51. File read and write have been improved so measurement directory is not reloaded every time measurements are saved improving stability on shared network drives and cloud drives.

Version 6.51
Date: 17-02-2022 16:33
Viso Light Inspector 6.51.msi
Bug fixes: When exporting to Eprel and modifying the total output gave incorrect useful lumen value, also total output was used for calculating useful lumen event if some light was cut off using 'Spherical limit cone', this has now been fixed. LightSpion issue which was supposed to have been fixed in version 6.50 is now fully fixed. New BaseSpion sensor position detection calibration process added to improve stability of sensor position detection. It is now possible to share measurement in Help->Support with Viso for easier support.

Version 6.50
Date: 04-02-2022 11:39
Viso Light Inspector 6.50.msi
Bug fix: Measurement would fail when using LightSpion with version 6.49, has been fixed.

Version 6.49
Date: 02-02-2022 21:50
Viso Light Inspector 6.49.msi
Bug fixes: Measurement halted warning could show up by mistake, this has now been fixed. Faster loading of USB and new firmware for ensure data integrity when using slower computers. Added remote support functionality to better support clients.

Version 6.48
Date: 26-01-2022 10:55
Viso Light Inspector 6.48.msi
It is now possible to select mains type in the Eprel export, MLS or NMLS (mains or non-mains connected). If mains type is not selected will the software automatically select MLS if lamp voltage is higher than 85V NMLS if lower than 85V.

Version 6.47
Date: 18-01-2022 15:14
Viso Light Inspector 6.47.msi
Bug fix: Software no longer jumps to the back after showing start-up loading window.

Version 6.46
Date: 13-01-2022 15:31
Viso Light Inspector 6.46.msi
Bug fixes: Having measurements stored on network drive could result in failure when saving a new measurement, has been solved. Some settings files including 'presets.txt' have been moved to 'Documents\Viso Systems\Light Inspector\Settings' to avoid access failure due to Microsoft security settings.

Version 6.45
Date: 11-01-2022 17:34
Viso Light Inspector 6.45.msi
Improvements: Light Inspector does no longer continuously try to connect to LabRail if connection failed, making it possible to update firmware in the LabRail Injector. Mouse over tooltip text does now work for multiple languages in EPREL export dialog. News links now opens in default browser.

Version 6.44
Date: 04-01-2022 17:11
Viso Light Inspector 6.44.msi
Edit->Photometric has been enlarged so text and controls do not overlap. Option to specify 'REGISTRANT_NATURE' in Eprel export has been added. Useful lumens including 'BEAM_ANGLE_CORRESPONDENCE' are now also set when exporting to Eprel. Custom reporting keyword {PEAK} has been expanded so peak values for individual c-planes can be reported. New user manuals shown under Help->Manuals. Bug fix for external GWINSTEK power analyser.

Version 6.43
Date: 02-12-2021 15:26
Viso Light Inspector 6.43.msi
Added support for DC power supply KORAD KWR103 and GW Instek GPM-8310 power analyser. Bug fixes: flicker measurements could sometimes make software fail when closing flicker window has been fixed. New firmware fixing issue of measurement halted warning during auto c-plane detecting. Modulation debts has been in Labarazzi editor has corrected.

Version 6.42
Date: 12-11-2021 22:49
Viso Light Inspector 6.42.msi
Updated Labarazzi editor with minor bug fixes and major Labarazzi firmware 2.00 update. Minor bug fixes to LabFlicker and measurement tracking.

Version 6.41
Date: 04-11-2021 13:58
Viso Light Inspector 6.41.msi
Editor added for the Labarazzi flicker generator, it is now possible to make your own flicker curves and upload them to the Labarazzi. To use the Labarazzi editor without having the Labarazzi connected go to Setup->Option->Advanced. Added measurement details view under menu ‘Measurement’, view all system and measurement details for a selected measurement. The LabRail distance window can now be moved, and distance font has been increased. Bug fix: When connecting to LabRail the system would report device info not loaded, this has now been fixed.

Version 6.40
Date: 26-10-2021 15:30
Viso Light Inspector 6.40.msi
EEI EU Energy efficiency index has been removed as it is no longer in compliance with new regulation, instead use EPREL export to get current values. Bug fix: If custom calibration was done with .lmp file which did not start at 360 nm the calibration would fail, this has now been fixed.

Version 6.39
Date: 20-10-2021 16:54
Viso Light Inspector 6.39.msi
News and software updates can now be posted when available if desired by the user. The 'Settings' folder is no longer shown if the default location for measurement is used. Bug fix: Rotated c-planes in combinations with angle correction, did in some cases not correct angle correctly, this has now been fixed. Using 'Edit->Spherical limit cone' with 'Linear lamp' mode enabled did not calculate the output correctly, this has now been fixed.

Version 6.38
Date: 18-10-2021 16:11
Viso Light Inspector 6.38.msi
Bug fix: Starting SVM or PstLM flicker measurement via DLL interface could fail, this has now been fixed. Uploading new firmware to LabTemp devices is now working.

Version 6.37
Date: 14-10-2021 12:25
Viso Light Inspector 6.37.msi
Improved USB connection to Labarazzi. Bug fix: DLL Interface now saves flicker data to measurement data when CloseFlickerWindow() command is sent. Exporting measurement with no power to EPREL failed, this has now been fixed. New base firmware 2.47 fixing slight plane shift when version 6.10 or higher of the Light Inspector are used, this has now been fixed.

Version 6.36
Date: 11-10-2021 17:26
Viso Light Inspector 6.36.msi
Warnings added to EPREL export if vital measurement data is missing. When exporting to EPREL is SDCM now automatically calculated to nearest 100K CCT point. Bug fix: Exporting multiple measurements to custom PDF could sometimes fail, has now been fixed.

Version 6.35
Date: 08-10-2021 14:38
Viso Light Inspector 6.35.msi
EPREL export window now have clearly marked values that should be filled out by the user such as ‘Lumen maintenance factor’ etc. Option to enter values for equivalent and replacement power has also been added to EPREL export. Support for GwInstek GPM-8310 via USB has also been added.

Version 6.34
Date: 07-10-2021 14:54
Viso Light Inspector 6.34.msi
It is now possible to export directly into EPREL zip file format by going into File-Export->EPREL. The EPREL export automatically generates embedded light measurement report, spectrum image and registration-data.xml. Firmware can now be updated on the new Labarazzi flicker generator.

Version 6.33
Date: 24-09-2021 11:11
Viso Light Inspector 6.33.msi
Improvement: When using AltText keywoard on report graphics in word, the graphic had to be not-inline for the AltText keywords to be read and applied, this is now also possible if graphics are set to inline. Increased sensitivity for LabRail Injector laser target plate ensuring no laser 'off target warning'.

Version 6.31
Date: 13-09-2021 15:09
Viso Light Inspector 6.31.msi
It is now possible to change temperature color on already made measurements by right clicking on the temperature label in View->Temperature window. It now also possible to save temperature measurements even if the temperature logging window is open. Bug fix: The auto plane function did sometimes not take the circular symmetry plane of the lamp into account when calculating the optimal number of planes resulting into low plane count, this has now been fixed.

Version 6.30
Date: 11-09-2021 18:15
Viso Light Inspector 6.30.msi
Temperature logging curve is now exported to PDF report in high quality vector graphics. Bug fix: Temperature logging for more than 2-3 hours was not possible has now been fixed temperature logging should now be able to run for at least 24 hours. Bug fix: When loading measurement which is in horticulture mode (umol/s) could sometimes result in PAR region from 400-700nm not being applied correctly, this has now been fixed.

Version 6.29
Date: 02-09-2021 18:05
Viso Light Inspector 6.29.msi
New tool under setup for LabRail making it easier to align and check connections, only appears if LabRail is connected. Bug fix: New firmware 2.46 fixes the issue of sometimes false warnings of firmware error on LabTemp even if it was not connected, click on Help->Firmware (Base) and click 'Update firmware' to install. Bug fix: New power values shown when using 'Show spectra peaks' would sometimes only show in W/sr and not scale to useful levels, has now been fixed.

Version 6.28
Date: 26-08-2021 18:00
Viso Light Inspector 6.28.msi
UV Ver 35 RELEASE When selecting ‘View->Show spectra peaks’, peak wavelengths are now shown together with radiated power/nm for each peak.

Version 6.27
Date: 26-08-2021 13:07
Viso Light Inspector 6.27.msi
LabFlicker live view now includes estimated SVM and PstLM values, giving a quick overview of flicker metrics without the need to perform full measurement. Bug fix: option to ignore measurement service note, is now working.

Version 6.26
Date: 20-08-2021 16:38
Viso Light Inspector 6.26.msi
New USB driver should fix problem of sometimes not being able to reconnect to device. Bug fix when saving custom UV-VIS calibration to device which cannot be reloaded, has been fixed. Automatic 6.10-6.23 issue detection with dialog gives the option for auto correcting measurements with small color temperature deviations.

Version 6.25
Date: 09-08-2021 17:47
Viso Light Inspector 6.25.msi
It is now possible to do bulk checks and corrections of measurements made with version 6.10 to 6.23 which might have had intensity linearity correction problems, correction can be done with a single click eliminating the need for re-measurement. To open the bulk check window type “FIXLIN” on the keyboard after the software has started.

Version 6.24
Date: 06-08-2021 12:48
Viso Light Inspector 6.24.msi
Supporting all Viso measurement products. Intensity linearity correction was in some non-uv spectrometers not loaded correctly in version 6.10 to 6.23 which could result in a bit higher measured color temperature about 30-60 Kelvin, this has now been fixed, as a precaution have versions 6.10 to 6.23 been marked as uv versions.

Version 6.23
Date: 05-08-2021 17:07
Viso Light Inspector 6.23.msi
UV Ver 34 Selected language is now also added to exported excel and csv files. Bux fixes: Software being closed during USB communication could result in problem reconnecting later, has been solved. BaseSpion sensor did not detect new distance if moved after spectrometer had been turned on, this has been fixed.

Version 6.22
Date: 15-07-2021 20:48
Viso Light Inspector 6.22.msi
UV Ver 33 Bug fix: The selection of custom calibration could switch back to factory calibration, if custom calibration were selected in version 6.01 or earlier and version 6.01.1 to 6.21 was installed, this has now been fixed. Languages are now automatically updated when new translations are available.

Version 6.21
Date: 13-07-2021 20:11
Viso Light Inspector 6.21.msi
UV Ver 32 C plane number added to excel export spectra for all angles. Peak intensities in excel now have exact match to exported intensity table values.

Version 6.20
Date: 09-07-2021 23:12
Viso Light Inspector 6.20.msi
UV Ver 31 You can now angle correct all planes to center at zero by clicking Edit->Photometric and right click on 'Angle correction'. Small negative spectra values are not longer included in the calculation of PPF. Spectra filtering can be disabled by going into Edit->Photometric->Measurement and clicking on the label 'Spectra filtering enabled', this can be of benefit for low intensity UV measurement application where multiple nm regions need to be generated with high precision. Advanced excel export have been updated so Power SR values now are calculated in same way as the main export values with all gamma angles at 0 and 180 set at equal average values. New exception handler has been added making it possible to share with Viso any problems that might happen so we can solve them quickly.

Version 6.19
Date: 30-06-2021 22:48
Viso Light Inspector 6.19.msi
UV Ver 30 Language fix, Asian characters were missing from the custom report, has been fixed.

Version 6.18
Date: 25-06-2021 17:10
Viso Light Inspector 6.18.msi
UV Ver 29 Lamp no longer turned off after warmup when using ‘Ambient light correction’ unless the spectrometer has saturated or the intensity level during the warmup has fallen more than 75%. And minor bug fixes.

Version 6.17
Date: 22-06-2021 10:15
Viso Light Inspector 6.17.msi
UV Ver 28 New USB driver to ensure fast USB connection on all windows platforms. Bug fix: Automatic setting of integration time could in rare cases hang, has been fixed.

Version 6.16
Date: 18-06-2021 16:10
Viso Light Inspector 6.16.msi
UV Ver 27 Iso lux and iso candela graphics has been updated to C0 pointing up. Added keywords to Iso lux and iso candela template graphics. Option to show peak plane have been added, both as a button in Light Inspector and as keywords to relevant graphics. Temperature logging has been updated to improve the process of logging and saving data. Custom CSV export has been added. Minor multi language updates.

Version 6.15
Date: 11-06-2021 16:53
Viso Light Inspector 6.15.msi
UV Ver 26 It is now possible to set custom on/off timing when lamp power is cycled during ambient light correction, making it possible to do ambient light correction for lamps with slow power response. This can be setup in Setup->Options->Advanced.

Version 6.14
Date: 09-06-2021 14:48
Viso Light Inspector 6.14.msi
UV Ver 25 Bug fix: When using automatic c-plane function warmup data was lost has been fixed. Micro values showed wrong prefix character has been fixed.

Version 6.13
Date: 04-06-2021 11:47
Viso Light Inspector 6.13.msi
UV Ver 24 Includes SDCM ANSI MacAdam ellipses according to ANSI C78.376-2014 which uses 6 predefined reference point for 2700, 3000, 3500, 4000, 5000 and 6500 kelvin. Small bug fix to laser distance button push registration.

Version 6.12
Date: 01-06-2021 10:02
Viso Light Inspector 6.12.msi
UV Ver 23 Now only a single button click is necessary to measure distance on standard LabSensor (Note on Model 2 must button still be kept down for 2 seconds) and a new double bib sound has been added making it easier to know when a distance measurement has been initiated. More multi language support has been added to the user interface.

Version 6.11
Date: 28-05-2021 22:17
Viso Light Inspector 6.11.msi
UV Ver 22 Supporting Asian languages in build-in PDF reports.

Version 6.10
Date: 26-05-2021 17:09
Viso Light Inspector 6.10.msi
UV Ver 21 Supporting new products, LabRail, LabTemp and UV LabSensor Model 2. New communication protocol for sensor with rapid errors correction eliminating halted measurements in noisy environments. Multi language support, new UV-VIS DT300 calibration process implemented. Background device connection preventing software from being locked during USB connection period. Custom spectral response curves can now easily be imported and applied to measurement. New Dose measurement metric for UV disinfection applications. Bug fixes: Automatic integration setup can in rare situations get stuck has been fixed. Yokogawa power analyser issue has been fixed. Temperature logging related bug fixed.

Version 6.05.9
Date: 25-05-2021 17:16
Viso Light Inspector 6.05.9.msi
UV Ver 20 Includes new language support for Japanese, Portuguese, German and French.

Version 6.05.8
Date: 12-05-2021 17:37
Viso Light Inspector 6.05.8.msi
UV Ver 19 supporting the new UV-VIS LabSensor Model2. It is not recommended to install this version unless you have a UV-VIS sensor, LabTemp or LabRail device.Bug fixes: Bug fix. Connecting to device could fail has been fixed.

Version 6.05.7
Date: 12-05-2021 08:15
Viso Light Inspector 6.05.7.msi
UV Ver 18 supporting the new UV-VIS LabSensor Model2. It is not recommended to install this version unless you have a UV-VIS sensor, LabTemp or LabRail device.Bug fixes: USB did in some instances does not re-connect automatically has been fixed, Asian fonts for build in reports did not load correctly has been fixed.

Version 6.05.6
Date: 20-04-2021 10:50
Viso Light Inspector 6.05.6.msi
UV Ver 17 supporting the new UV-VIS LabSensor Model2. It is not recommended to install this version unless you have a UV-VIS sensor, LabTemp or LabRail device. Support for languages fixed in main window.

Version 6.05.5
Date: 18-04-2021 23:33
Viso Light Inspector 6.05.5.msi
UV Ver 16 supporting the new UV-VIS LabSensor Model2. It is not recommended to install this version unless you have a UV-VIS sensor, LabTemp or LabRail device. Automatic integration setup can in rare situations get stuck has been fixed. Support for new UV-VIS DT300 calibration process.

Version 6.05.4
Date: 12-04-2021 14:55
Viso Light Inspector 6.05.4.msi
UV Ver 15 supporting the new UV-VIS LabSensor Model2. It is not recommended to install this version unless you have a UV-VIS sensor, LabTemp or LabRail device. Temperatur logging related bug fixed.

Version 6.05.3
Date: 09-04-2021 11:31
Viso Light Inspector 6.05.3.msi
UV Ver 14 supporting the new UV-VIS LabSensor Model2. It is not recommended to install this version unless you have a UV-VIS sensor, LabTemp or LabRail device. LabTemp bug fixed. Release candidate for all Viso products.

Version 6.05.2
Date: 29-03-2021 15:55
Viso Light Inspector 6.05.2.msi
UV Ver 13 supporting the new UV-VIS LabSensor Model2. It is not recommended to install this version unless you have a UV-VIS sensor, LabTemp or LabRail device. Release candidate for all Viso products.

Version 6.05.1
Date: 25-03-2021 16:13
Viso Light Inspector 6.05.1.msi
UV Ver 12 supporting the new UV-VIS LabSensor Model2. It is not recommended to install this version unless you have a UV-VIS sensor, LabTemp or LabRail device. Fixes made to nm range settings and measurement tracking. Release candidate for all Viso products.

Version 6.05
Date: 24-03-2021 15:01
Viso Light Inspector 6.05.msi
Added: Japanese JIS Coefficent of utilization table, Keyword to customize the Budgetary diagram. Bug Fixes: Sensor distance guide swapped dimensions, Yokogawa power analyzer issue

Version 6.04
Date: 16-03-2021 11:29
Viso Light Inspector 6.04.msi
Fix to special import module.

Version 6.03.1
Date: 12-03-2021 11:22
Viso Light Inspector 6.03.1.msi
UV Ver 11 supporting the new UV-VIS LabSensor Model2. It is not recommended to install this version unless you have a UV-VIS sensor or LabTemp device. Release candidate for all Viso products.

Version 6.03
Date: 09-03-2021 11:37
Viso Light Inspector 6.03.msi
Issue with linear non-uniform lamp not showing spectra has been fixed.

Version 6.02.6
Date: 05-02-2021 19:29
Viso Light Inspector 6.02.6.msi
UV SENSOR ONLY. Ver 10 supporting the new UV-VIS LabSensor Model2. Do not install this unless you have a UV-VIS sensor. New features for adding custom response curve and exposure dose map. Now also supporting all other Viso prodcuts, still not fully tested. Bug fixed when measuring small beam angle on single plane with UV sensor.

Version 6.02.5
Date: 01-02-2021 15:30
Viso Light Inspector 6.02.5.msi
UV SENSOR ONLY. Ver 9 supporting the new UV-VIS LabSensor Model2. Do not install this unless you have a UV-VIS sensor. New features for adding custom response curve and exposure dose map. Now also supporting all other Viso prodcuts, still not fully tested. Bug fixed when connecting LabTemp. Updated power readout method.

Version 6.02.4
Date: 22-01-2021 17:20
Viso Light Inspector 6.02.4.msi
UV SENSOR ONLY. Ver 8 supporting the new UV-VIS LabSensor Model2. Do not install this unless you have a UV-VIS sensor. New features for adding custom response curve and exposure dose map. Now also supporting all other Viso prodcuts, still not fully tested. Bug fixed when connecting LabTemp.

Version 6.02.3
Date: 19-01-2021 12:30
Viso Light Inspector 6.02.3.msi
UV SENSOR ONLY. Ver 7 supporting the new UV-VIS LabSensor Model2. Do not install this unless you have a UV-VIS sensor. New features for adding custom response curve and exposure dose map. Now also supporting all other Viso prodcuts, still not fully tested. Bug fixed when connecting sensor loading calibration.

Version 6.02.2
Date: 18-12-2020 15:33
Viso Light Inspector 6.02.2.msi
UV SENSOR ONLY. Ver 6 supporting the new UV-VIS LabSensor Model2. Do not install this unless you have a UV-VIS sensor. New features for adding custom response curve and exposure dose map. Now also supporting all other Viso prodcuts, still not fully tested. Bug fixed when adding picture to measurement.

Version 6.02.1
Date: 17-12-2020 17:48
Viso Light Inspector 6.02.1.msi
UV SENSOR ONLY. Ver 5 supporting the new UV-VIS LabSensor Model2. Do not install this unless you have a UV-VIS sensor. New features for adding custom response curve and exposure dose map. Now also supporting all other Viso prodcuts, still not fully tested.

Version 6.02
Date: 30-11-2020 14:54
Viso Light Inspector 6.02.msi
New additions: Export (.csv and .xlsx) commands have been added to the DLL interface, new iso illuminance plot have been added. Updates: A lower limit has been added to flicker capture frequency (10Hz), PAR map now accepts more keywords in custom reports. Bug fixes: Minor bugs fixes

Version 6.01.1
Date: 13-11-2020 21:46
Viso Light Inspector 6.01.1.msi
UV SENSOR ONLY. Ver 4 supporting the new UV-VIS LabSensor Model2. Do not install this unless you have a UV-VIS sensor. New features for adding custom response curve and exposure dose map.

Version 6.01 (Release)
Date: 03-11-2020 11:40
Viso Light Inspector 6.01.msi
New additions: DLL functions, TM30-18 CVG for custom reports, Search field for keywords, Send email checkbox added to measurement setup window, UFF (Upward flux fraction) keyword. Updates: Fixed reports moved into the same windows as custom. Bug fixes: TC08 not reading right, PstLM measurement crashing at 99%, Ability to open multiple of the same window.

Version 6.00
Date: 08-10-2020 11:07
Viso Light Inspector 6.00.msi
New additions: Keywords for TM30-18, 1.2m by 1.2m PAR map added to template toolbox, Two new report templates added. Updates: Changed angular distribution diagram to five division lines, Added Flicker value Mp and PstLM to non-word reports and to the Advanced template. Bug fixes: Minor bugs fixed.

Version 5.99.6
Date: 05-10-2020 17:40
Viso Light Inspector 5.99.6.msi
UV SENSOR ONLY. Ver 3 supporting the new UV-VIS LabSensor Model2. Do not install this unless you have a UV-VIS sensor. Bug auto setting of integration time getting stucked with UV fixed.

Version 5.99.5
Date: 05-10-2020 11:19
Viso Light Inspector 5.99.5.msi
UV SENSOR ONLY. Ver 2 supporting the new UV-VIS LabSensor Model2. Do not install this unless you have a UV-VIS sensor.

Version 5.99.4
Date: 25-09-2020 17:09
Viso Light Inspector 5.99.4.msi
UV SENSOR ONLY. First version supporting the new UV-VIS LabSensor Model2. Do not install this unless you have a UV-VIS sensor.

Version 5.99.3
Date: 25-09-2020 15:31
Viso Light Inspector 5.99.3.msi
New additions: Flicker - Mp value, Power measurement - Displacement power factor (DPF). Updates: Linear light measurement on Light Spion - The users are now able to set the size of the measured section of a linear lamp when they are not using the provided bracket, UGR table(export) - The so-called “Reduced UGR Table” (uncorrected UGR values, CIE 117-1995) has been omitted on purpose because of redundancy and users can safely delete the “Standard table” and “Correction summand” from the table, Flicker - The sample rate for the “Basic” measurements has been changed to 20,000sps and the sample rate for PstLM has been upped to 10,000sps. Measurement profile window - Use button behavior has been changed and closing the window will warn user about unsaved changes. Bug fixes: TLCI, THDV and THDC values with multi report export, Webcam missing preview, Strange UGR values, Custom labels not going back to default, Isolux and isocandela issue, a couple of window scaling issues, LDT/IES export template.

Version 5.99.2
Date: 01-09-2020 13:29
Viso Light Inspector 5.99.2.msi
Fixed some bugs with: Polar, iso lux and iso candela diagram. Added keywords for u', v' and a keyword for delta (u'v') per angle. Added two new efficiency bars for uMole and radiated power. Added export options for temperature measurements.

Version 5.99.1
Date: 05-08-2020 14:47
Viso Light Inspector 5.99.1.msi
Apply button added when setting manual integration time. Bug fixes to custom table measurement, hanging initialize window fixed when using manual integration time. Over saturation warning added to custom table measurement when using manual integration time.

Version 5.99
Date: 21-06-2020 22:52
Viso Light Inspector 5.99.msi
Issue with calculating UGR for single plane measurements has been fixed. Due to a bug was c-planes set to be exported as clockwise instead of counterclockwise, this means c-planes in the C90 and C270 direction was flipped. For most measurement this does not have any noticeable effect but for certain fixtures such as street light fixtures with asymmetrical light in the C90 and C270 plane would light direction have been flipped in opposite direction, this has now been fixed. This fix does not automatically apply corrections to previous made measurements, to check and apply this correction to previous made measurement simple select the measurement and type ‘RECALC’ and then resave the measurement. C-planes C0, C90, C180 and C270 are now clearly indicated in the c-plane selection window making it easier to mount a lamp the desired orientation.

Version 5.98
Date: 05-06-2020 17:10
Viso Light Inspector 5.98.msi
Bug fix: In some rare cases can software lockup at startup has been fixed.

Version 5.97
Date: 02-06-2020 16:58
Viso Light Inspector 5.97.msi
DUV will now always be negative when below the blackbody curve

Version 5.96
Date: 25-05-2020 12:27
Viso Light Inspector 5.96.msi
Export->Advanced now also export csv files in selected angular step size.

Version 5.95
Date: 12-05-2020 13:06
Viso Light Inspector 5.95.msi
Bug fix: Cannot save LDT or see UGR for some fixtures with 90 degree limits, fixed. Delta uv does not changes when overriding color temperature, fixed.

Version 5.94
Date: 06-03-2020 16:30
Viso Light Inspector 5.94.msi
Bug fix: Luminaire dimensions visualization issues have been fixed

Version 5.93
Date: 14-02-2020 09:42
Viso Light Inspector 5.93.msi
Updates: Change layout a bit to make room for translated words, Fixed issue from 5.92 regarding translations files.

Version 5.92
Date: 13-02-2020 14:59
Viso Light Inspector 5.92.msi
Updates: New layout for the Library section to accommodate a wider measurement list, It's now possible to double-click the additional information field to get a table style window with the additional information text, A measurement time estimate system have been added. Go to Setup->Options->Advanced and tick the Enable box to enable it.

Version 5.91
Date: 20/01/2020 14:17
Viso Light Inspector 5.91.msi
Serial number is now shown under Help->Firmware for each device including LabFlicker

Version 5.90
Date: 17/01/2020 16:25
Viso Light Inspector 5.90.msi
Bug fix: Export to .LDT or .IES with very high resolution, Narrow beam continues endlessly, UGR calculations for bulbs and spots showed -infinity

Version 5.89
Date: 19/12/2019 15:07
Viso Light Inspector 5.89.msi
Bug fix: Export to .LDT or .IES with spherical limit could cause an issue.

Version 5.88
Date: 12/12/2019 10:36
Viso Light Inspector 5.88.msi
Bug fix: LDT being 0kb size has been fixed. Add calibration keywords to custom report toolbox.

Version 5.87
Date: 25-11-2019 15:14
Viso Light Inspector 5.87.msi
Light Inspector not launching issue fixed. UGR now shows n/a instead of -1.0, when a calculation wasn't possible. Flicker functions now added to DLL. Status label position fixed. CCT markers in reports fixed. Product image using phone, now shows an error message when the computer isn't online. Added a tool under help to caluculate the recommended measuring distance.

Version 5.86
Date: 11-10-2019 13:42
Viso Light Inspector 5.86.msi
It is now possible to make dedicated lamp orientation test, making it easier to be S025 compliant. Custom measurement tables can now be exported to excel. Measurement profile can now be created with specifics measurement setup. NITS (candela per square meter) keyword now included in custom PDF.

Version 5.85
Date: 01-10-2019 13:55
Viso Light Inspector 5.85.msi
TM30-18 is now implemented, TM30-15 is no longer used. Table measurement values can now be used in custom PDF export.

Version 5.84
Date: 19-09-2019 16:51
Viso Light Inspector 5.84.msi
Bugfix, saving custom table to PDF bug is now fixed.

Version 5.83
Date: 27-08-2019 17:11
Viso Light Inspector 5.83.msi
Auto C-plane detection, Manuals added to help menu, Option to send email when measurement ends.

Version 5.82
Date: 8/19/2019 11:00 AM
Viso Light Inspector 5.82.msi
IES file c-planes are now reduced when symmetry is used, so for V summitry is planes from 0-180 exported only, and for HV symmetry is 0-90-degree c-planes exported only. IES WIDTH and LENGTH dimensions has been swapped to conform with the IES standard. Demo measurement problem has been fixed.

Version 5.81
Date: 08-08-2019 16:27
Viso Light Inspector 5.81.msi
Fixed scaling issues with flicker window, fixed light dimension in .IES files, custom labels names nows shows in template toolbox, unlinked productname and file name

Version 5.80
Date: 24-07-2019 11:53
Viso Light Inspector 5.80.msi
Custom table measurement method now visible

Version 5.79
Date: 09-07-2019 17:14
Viso Light Inspector 5.79.msi
First beta version of custom table measurement method, allowing far a range for absolute measurement points to be measured for the automotive industry.

Version 5.78
Date: 08-07-2019 13:16
Viso Light Inspector 5.78.msi
Added support for temperature logging using external PICO board TC-08 and for external power analyzer Yokogawa WT310. And minor bug fixes.

Version 5.77
Date: 14-05-2019 15:36
Viso Light Inspector 5.77.msi
Internal functionality allowing customers to send calibration data to Viso by typing 'sendcali' right after application start, for easy support.

Version 5.76
Date: 29-04-2019 11:05
Viso Light Inspector 5.76.msi
New feature(s): Most of the graphics from the report tool box have been added to View->CRI/UGR/BUG/ISO LUX... for a live view the results without having to make a report. Bug fix: Right click to create folder in the measurement list have been removed, please use the create folder button instead. Fixed and issue with the zonal lumen.

Version 5.75
Date: 13-03-2019 17:50
Viso Light Inspector 5.75.msi
Bug fix: UGR values in PDF report showing as n/a has been fixed.

Version 5.74
Date: 07-03-2019 16:59
Viso Light Inspector 5.74.msi
Bug fix too slow movent of LabSpion and BaseSpion.

Version 5.73
Date: 07-03-2019 12:10
Viso Light Inspector 5.73.msi
Fix to image linked from smart phone.

Version 5.72
Date: 06-03-2019 10:18
Viso Light Inspector 5.72.msi
Fixes to some high dpi scaling issues. Image can be linked from smart phone. Individual symmetry when combining measurements now possible.

Version 5.71
Date: 26-02-2019 14:06
Viso Light Inspector 5.71.msi
First version for high resolution screens. Updated to framework 4.7.2. Fixed issues that could cause lower than selected measurement resolutions.

Version 5.70
Date: 31-01-2019 16:16
Viso Light Inspector 5.70.msi
Fixed issues that could cause Light Inspector not being able to create .ies and .ldt files, Fixed issue with usernames containing a space not being able to use 3D view.

Version 5.69
Date: 21-12-2018 13:47
Viso Light Inspector 5.69.msi
Fixed an issue with 3D viewing some specific measurements. Fixed some issues with the scaling of the Polar curve. Fixed an issue with Word tables formulas.

Version 5.68
Date: 13-12-2018 14:07
Viso Light Inspector 5.68.msi
Light Inspector updated to 64bit. Updated Options window. Added custom IES and LDT editor. Added height of luminous area. Added input field to select the wanted amount of planes. Improved PDF generation time. Some small bugs fixed.

Version 5.67 (Release)
Date: 20-11-2018 15:08
Viso Light Inspector 5.67.msi
Power readout improved for optimal stability.

Version 5.66
Date: 19-11-2018 12:28
Viso Light Inspector 5.66.msi
Fixed product image aspect issues PDF. Fixed light-up in angular distribution-up. Changed status shown on the LabFlicker during measurement.

Version 5.65
Date: 01-11-2018 16:18
Viso Light Inspector 5.65.msi
Tracking failing when connecting to redundant server has now been fixed.

Version 5.64
Date: 22-10-2018 15:59
Viso Light Inspector 5.64.msi
It is now possible to copy the factory calibration into the custom calibration and modify the intensity calibration.

Version 5.63
Date: 15-10-2018 11:12
Viso Light Inspector 5.63.msi
Exporting to LDT, IES, CSV or XLSX will now be done in the measured step size instead of a locked 1° step size. XLSX has been added to advanced export. It's now possible to choose a custom c plane amount and step size for any export type using advanced export.

Version 5.61
Date: 08-10-2018 13:38
Viso Light Inspector 5.61.msi
Fixed an issue in 5.60 that caused the report graphics to move out of place.

Version 5.60
Date: 05-10-2018 16:06
Viso Light Inspector 5.60.msi
Reading power could in some cases result in no values has been fixed. Graphics alt text keyword issue fixed.

Version 5.59
Date: 03-10-2018 16:09
Viso Light Inspector 5.59.msi
Added Road reporting (BUG rating, LCS table and LCS graph) to the advanced custom report

Version 5.58
Date: 01-10-2018 08:46
Viso Light Inspector 5.58.msi
Fixed a bug related to exporting to LDT using advanced, on a measurement with a spherical limit.

Version 5.57
Date: 27-09-2018 14:10
Viso Light Inspector 5.57.msi
Option to measure PstLM with the LabFlicker added. Option to export to .xlsx added, Mean Spherical Candle Power keyword added. Current off-set for external power supply added. Option to export report graphics to .png added. Flicker page added to Standard and Advanced export.

Version 5.56
Date: 17-09-2018 17:20
Viso Light Inspector 5.56.msi
A measurement which was created by combining two measurements could when exported result in very large LDT/IES files, this has now been fixed.

Version 5.55
Date: 14-09-2018 13:29
Viso Light Inspector 5.55.msi
Measurement done with a limited area not equal to 90 or 180 degree can give problems when exported to IES or LDT and opened in for example Photometric Toolbox PE. This has now been fixed, IES files are now filled with 0 values so measurement area always matches 90 or 180 degree.

Version 5.54
Date: 07-09-2018 15:09
Viso Light Inspector 5.54.msi
All intensities at 0 degree are now always set to exact equal values when exporting IES and LDT.

Version 5.53
Date: 27-07-2018 12:28
Viso Light Inspector 5.53.msi
Changed Flicker export, Fixed an issue with advanced export, Minor updates to flicker window, Lab Flicker display update rate fixed, A custom warm up time can now be used, Measurement list can now be order by date.

Version 5.52
Date: 10-07-2018 12:44
Viso Light Inspector 5.52.msi
M_LUX and F_LUX has been added to keywords of the custom report generator toolbox, making it possible to get distance for a specified lux value.

Version 5.51
Date: 06-07-2018 15:08
Viso Light Inspector 5.51.msi
Detailed beam scan criteria for narrow beamed lamps has been set to a constant value for any selected measurement resolution, eliminating the narrow beam popup dialog even if a high resolution was selected. The CIE window is no longer active when light levels are too low. Warmup power curve has been fixed so single missing values does not affect the complete curve.

Version 5.50
Date: 05-07-2018 15:29
Viso Light Inspector 5.50.msi
New power details in warmup can result failed warmup window at close to zero power values, this has been fixed so power no longer is displayed for close to zero power values. Included is firmware 2.36 which resolved rare occurrences of locked up power analyzer.

Version 5.49
Date: 28-06-2018 15:13
Viso Light Inspector 5.49.msi
Item number has been added to the IES file, Added source lumen and relative efficiency to the keyword list, Tracking link added to keywords, Fixed a bug with exporting Flicker results to PDF, If you are using a hard coded sample rate in the flicker part of the report you can now use {FL_SAMPLE_RATE} instead, Fixed a couple of small bugs.

Version 5.48
Date: 13-06-2018 14:26
Viso Light Inspector 5.48.msi
Added a search field to the measurement list, Fixed an issue the caused the aspect ratio of the product image to change, Added a couple of keywords for a few of the PDF graphics (for now: Product photo, CIE 1931 and CIE 1931 zoomed and ISO LUX). Select the graphic on the list and the keyword will appear with a description.

Version 5.47
Date: 12-06-2018 11:53
Viso Light Inspector 5.47.msi
Template toolbox failed when opened has been fixed.

Version 5.46
Date: 07-06-2018 10:08
Viso Light Inspector 5.46.msi
New power measurement now also supported on LightSpion, firmware updated automatically. to update firmware. Sometime color data was not shown for high CCT lmaps has been fixed.

Version 5.45
Date: 04-06-2018 17:21
Viso Light Inspector 5.45.msi
Power measurement now included during lamp warmup. Power accuracy increased by increasing sample rate from 70K to 355K samples. The device must be running firmware version 2.34 for the new power features to work. Click help->Firmware->Update. to update firmware.

Version 5.44
Date: 01-06-2018 17:33
Viso Light Inspector 5.44.msi
Fixed the issue with measure distance not being shown. Fixed the lines shown in the wrong order in the budgetary diagram. Added {LUM_UP} and {LUM_DOWN}. Added {CUR_HARM} 1-40 for current harmonics. Added some keyboard shortcuts CTRL + S to save, CTRL + D to delete, CTRL + E to export to custom PDF, CTRL + N for new measurement, CTRL + I to export IES, CTRL + L to export to LDT. Fixed some minor bugs.

Version 5.43
Date: 23-05-2018 16:51
Viso Light Inspector 5.43.msi
JA8 Flicker values were by mistake displayed for flicker measurements made with Light Inspector version older than 5.37. JA8 specifies a sample duration of 1 second or greater, which older measurements doesn't have.

Version 5.42
Date: 11-05-2018 14:05
Viso Light Inspector 5.42.msi
Added TLCI ColorChecker graphics as an PDF option, Added numbers to THD graph, Updated the Non Word reports to also show PPF or Power depending on the measurement setup, Updated the software to disable the computers sleep/hibernation mode during a measurement. Fixed some other small issues.

Version 5.41
Date: 07-05-2018 14:10
Viso Light Inspector 5.41.msi
Symmetry and uplight bug in new IES and LDT is fixed. Minor bug in tracking of old measurements is fixed.

Version 5.40
Date: 03-05-2018 14:32
Viso Light Inspector 5.40.msi
Advanced export now supports CSV. Updated tracking verification

Version 5.39
Date: 02-05-2018 15:28
Viso Light Inspector 5.39.msi
Optimized saving at network drive. Shorten the welcome screen. Fixed a bug introduced in 5.38, that caused measurements to be saved in the measurement folder root.

Version 5.38
Date: 01-05-2018 15:01
Viso Light Inspector 5.38.msi
First version with version with tracking, measurements can now be tracked by the Viso tracking server, making it easy to verify and share measurements. IES and LDT update, zero values are no longer exported and only necessary planes are exported, intensity values are adjusted to exactly match the output. Symmetry is smoother. Compact fixture file format, making it possible to save measurement as small fixture files thus making them easier to share via email. Bug fix: ‘lamp did not turn off’ warning on some LightSpions fixed. Lumen showing for single intensity measurements is now removed.

Version 5.37
Date: 30-04-2018 15:53
Viso Light Inspector 5.37.msi
Flicker can now be measured according to the JA8/10 standard, Lumen modification are now correctly being used when combining two measurements, Flicker data can now be exported to .CSV, Fixed an issue with the serial number in LDT file.

Version 5.36
Date: 03-04-2018 12:00
Viso Light Inspector 5.36.msi
Minor bug fixe: Conflict files from dropbox and corrupt history. New driver board pixel unequal fixed.

Version 5.35
Date: 27-03-2018 13:58
Viso Light Inspector 5.35.msi
Includes new firmware 2.33 which fixes minor USB connction issues, CPU is reset everytime USB is unplugged or software is closed.

Version 5.34
Date: 07-03-2018 14:08
Viso Light Inspector 5.34.msi
It's now possible to get two peaks with PEAKNM keyword, Power factor can now be inputted manually, TLCI value is now available as a keyword for the PDF report.

Version 5.33
Date: 09-02-2018 15:08
Viso Light Inspector 5.33.msi
Fixed some bugs, It's now possible to get beam width for a specific plane, Added TM30 Rf and Rf to .CSV

Version 5.32
Date: 02-02-2018 17:09
Viso Light Inspector 5.32.msi
Fixed some bugs, Now remembers the last used plane count

Version 5.31
Date: 15-01-2018 18:04
Viso Light Inspector 5.31.msi
Fixed an issue with using Excel graphs in Word templates, Increased text size in Cone diagram with text, Added support for new driver board for sensor

Version 5.30
Date: 05-01-2018 17:01
Viso Light Inspector 5.30.msi
Fixed a bug in Manual turn gonio, Updated the main window design

Version 5.29
Date: 02-01-2018 10:48
Viso Light Inspector 5.29.msi
Fixed combine (It's now possible to combine a rotated and a non rotated measurement), Added THD under Power Details

Version 5.28
Date: 21-12-2017 15:47
Viso Light Inspector 5.28.msi
Fixed a error in the FFT graph and SVM calculation for the PDF

Version 5.27
Date: 18-12-2017 11:40
Viso Light Inspector 5.27.msi
Fixed a bug in symmetry correction

Version 5.26
Date: 14-12-2017 16:19
Viso Light Inspector 5.26.msi
Add the ability to use a custom paper size when exporting to PDF, Enabled Power output measurement mode and fixed couple of minor bugs.

Version 5.25
Date: 08-11-2017 13:39
Viso Light Inspector 5.25.msi
First version supporting LabFlicker device. Bug fixed for lamp warm on LightSpion.

Version 5.23
Date: 03-10-2017 15:21
Viso Light Inspector 5.23.msi
Updated the dimensions settings for export to IES

Version 5.22
Date: 27-09-2017 16:33
Viso Light Inspector 5.22.msi
Change wording for lamp types, Added Zonal Lumen to LUM keyword (LUM90 or LUM15-90), Added an image of 0 and 90 degree angular distribution for PDF export.

Version 5.21
Date: 22-09-2017 13:57
Viso Light Inspector 5.21.msi
First version supporting new Ibsen spectrometer driver board.

Version 5.20
Date: 21-09-2017 11:55
Viso Light Inspector 5.20.msi
Small bug fix for combining measurements. Release candidate.

Version 5.19
Date: 06-09-2017 17:04
Viso Light Inspector 5.19.msi
Peak and dominant wave length added to custom report key words. Beam, Field and Cut off angle can be exported for individual planes. Bug fix contacting sensor if to old firmware was uploaded.

Version 5.18
Date: 31-08-2017 16:44
Viso Light Inspector 5.18.msi
Fixed a bug with 180 degrees measurements, Fixed a bug with special characters in export to PDF, Updated some labels

Version 5.17
Date: 29-08-2017 14:05
Viso Light Inspector 5.17.msi
Added beam angle field to CSV files (simple and advanced photo metric). Fix a bug when trying the angle correct a combined file with a beam angle of 360 degrees.

Version 5.16
Date: 21-08-2017 16:06
Viso Light Inspector 5.16.msi
Absolute and relative photometry can be selected from Edit->Photometric->Modify. New icons added. Quick button at library for exporting measurement. Power can now be added together when combining two measurements. Override beam angle in Edit->Photometric->Modify Out of memory when measuring at maximum vertical and horizontal resolution is now solved.

Version 5.15
Date: 13-07-2017 16:01
Viso Light Inspector 5.15.msi
Color Temperature extended to support upto 40000 Kelvin. Spectrometer bug when using LightSpion fixed.

Version 5.14
Date: 11-07-2017 16:55
Viso Light Inspector 5.14.msi
Added advanced export function for LDT and IES. New custom calibration.

Version 5.13
Date: 05-07-2017 14:06
Viso Light Inspector 5.13.msi
Fixed a problem with duplicate CRI graphics in PDF report. Added Batch export to PDF.

Version 5.12
Date: 04-07-2017 14:47
Viso Light Inspector 5.12.msi
Color temperature range extended from maximum 10000 Kelvin to 20000 Kelvin. Polar diagram in standard and advanced report now pointing down. Batch export of multiple IES and LDT files by selecting multiple measurement before exporting.

Version 5.11
Date: 27-06-2017 12:22
Viso Light Inspector 5.11.msi
Beam up now showed correctly in custom reports.

Version 5.10
Date: 27-06-2017 10:02
Viso Light Inspector 5.10.msi
First version with multi export of IES and LDT files. Spectra range in nm can now manually be set for agriculture and photometric measurements. Fixture dimension could not be set when using linear fixture mode has been fixed. New spectrometer calibration data structure for future calibrations.

Version 5.09
Date: 12-06-2017 16:49
Viso Light Inspector 5.09.msi
Bug fix: When using symmetry correction was the corresponding symmetry indicator not set correctly in the LDT file, has now been fixed.

Version 5.08
Date: 25-05-2017 18:34
Viso Light Inspector 5.08.msi
Bug fix: CQS curve could corrupt the PDF report, fixed.

Version 5.07
Date: 24-05-2017 11:02
Viso Light Inspector 5.07.msi
Correction made to lumen output ratio in LDT file.

Version 5.06
Date: 23-05-2017 11:46
Viso Light Inspector 5.06.msi
Key words can now be used in embedded excel charts in custom PDF rapport. BaseSensor distance can be set and distance detector can be re-calibrated.

Version 5.05
Date: 08-05-2017 16:01
Viso Light Inspector 5.05.msi
Linear LED count was not saved and reloaded in photometric setup, is now fixed.

Version 5.04
Date: 04-05-2017 13:19
Viso Light Inspector 5.04.msi
Lamp effeciency can now be set and exported with LDT file.

Version 5.03
Date: 22-04-2017 13:25
Viso Light Inspector 5.03.msi
IsoLux and IsoCandela graph added to custom report. Warmup graph is now saved with measurement and included in the custom report. Small bug fixes.

Version 5.02
Date: 23-03-2017 17:30
Viso Light Inspector 5.02.msi
Fixed bugs in Warm up stability and in Always allow detailed measurement. Fixed measurement halted error.

Version 5.01
Date: 22-03-2017 15:35
Viso Light Inspector 5.01.msi
Coefficients of Utilization, Luminaire Budgetary diagram, ISO-Candela diagram and Linear Distribution diagram, has been added for reports. “Spectra for all angels” now exports for all planes. Added options for warm up criteria. Added option for automatically do detailed scan, when a narrow beam is detected.

Version 5.0
Date: 10-03-2017 11:39
Viso Light Inspector 5.0.msi
First version with argiculture measurements abilities. Added the option to manually input intergration time. Bug fixes. Adjustment made to CQS calculations

Version 4.99.5
Date: 21-02-2017 16:37
Viso Light Inspector 4.99.5.msi
Distribution diagram now has 0 dgree pointing down, but can be fliped Up in photometric setup. Added fill too angular distribution. Fixed bug preventing Beam Angle from being shown after scan.

Version 4.99.4
Date: 21-02-2017 15:08
Viso Light Inspector 4.99.4.msi
Adjustment made to CQS.

Version 4.99.3
Date: 01-02-2017 16:17
Viso Light Inspector 4.99.3.msi
Bug fix: Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word.dll now included for custom PDF export.

Version 4.99.2
Date: 27-01-2017 17:47
Viso Light Inspector 4.99.2.msi
Linear lamp function is now available again under Edit->Photometric for Base and LabSpion making is possible to scale partly measured linear lamps and specify lumen per meter and per feet. Bug fix: Beam angle was not calculated when measurement finished, is now fixed.

Version 4.99
Date: 19-01-2017 13:55
Viso Light Inspector 4.99.msi
Number format added to custom PDF, for exampel by writing {PWR/0.0000} will power be shown with 4 decimals.

Version 4.98
Date: 19-01-2017 13:50
Viso Light Inspector 4.98.msi
Multiline support in desciprion field which can be used for custom fields in PDF report. Generating PDF preview could fail fixed.

Version 4.97
Date: 03-01-2017 16:31
Viso Light Inspector 4.97.msi
Support for additional external low voltage power supplies: Manson SSP-8160, KORAD KA3005P, VELLEMAN PS3005D. c-plane colors now red and blue to make c-planes more visible. Spectra drawing updated. Measurement loading speed improved

Version 4.96
Date: 13-12-2016 17:58
Viso Light Inspector 4.96.msi
3D viewer from Ilexa included. Color temperature can now be edited. SDCM mac adam steps now included.

Version 4.95
Date: 29-11-2016 10:55
Viso Light Inspector 4.95.msi
Custom PDF reporting fixes: White areas instead of graphics, key fields not filled if blank and line shift in description not shown in report has been fixed.

Version 4.94
Date: 10-11-2016 17:54
Viso Light Inspector 4.94.msi
Angular intensities in the beam details report page for linear lamps not scaled correctly has been fixed.

Version 4.93
Date: 08-11-2016 11:18
Viso Light Inspector 4.93.msi
CIE 1931 color diagram is now in vector graphics, improving report details. New Color details window under 'View->Color details'. c-plane description is removed as it was confusing.

Version 4.91
Date: 21-10-2016 12:47
Viso Light Inspector 4.91.msi
2 new PDF report pages: UGR table and TM30 details.

Version 4.90
Date: 18-10-2016 20:50
Viso Light Inspector 4.90.msi
TM30 details added to CRI window. Fixes to custom PDF reporting. Tab order fixed on main window.

Version 4.89
Date: 20-09-2016 19:41
Viso Light Inspector 4.89.msi
Added commands to the interface DLL. GetDeviceIsConnected, GetSensorIsConnected and SetYokeAutoDetect(bool Enabled).

Version 4.88
Date: 09-09-2016 17:57
Viso Light Inspector 4.88.msi
Lamp switch on/off delay implemented for EMC purpose. Firmware update: Power analyser update v1.25. Soft 'lamp off' preventing high current spikes when lamp is an inductive load and is turned off. High current spikes can result in USB disconnecting.

Version 4.86
Date: 05-09-2016 23:03
Viso Light Inspector 4.86.msi
First beta version with new custom PDF reporting, allowing custom design of PDF reports using Microsoft word editor.

Version 4.85
Date: 02-09-2016 11:28
Viso Light Inspector 4.85.msi
Peak intensities within the beam of light are now also taken into consideration for narrow beam angle detection.

Version 4.84
Date: 09-08-2016 16:38
Viso Light Inspector 4.84.msi
Supports production BaseSpion. Do not use this version with previous demo BaseSpion's

Version 4.83
Date: 08-08-2016 17:10
Viso Light Inspector 4.83.msi
Bug fix: Problem when re-measuring narrow beam angle using external power supply has been fixed.

Version 4.82
Date: 08-08-2016 13:15
Viso Light Inspector 4.82.msi
Bug fixes: Additional info and items number could disapper after photometric edit is fixed. Adding new measurement folder now works.

Version 4.81
Date: 02-08-2016 15:27
Viso Light Inspector 4.81.msi
LDT addition type indicator now set to linear luminaire for square light output. Item number is now included in the LDT Lamp number field. Voltage, Current and measurement disctance now included in csv export